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Reward-Based Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

Our Georgia Basic Obedience Dog Training teaches your dog the proper manners to be a great canine citizen. To be able to get along with other dogs and people.

Our Georgia Basic Obedience Dog Training Methods 

Good Dog Happy Owner provides Positive Reinforcement training. Our primary program sessions are  held in person in your home as we have found out that this is the place where your dog is most comfortable.

Our training is reward-based and force-free, helping to keep your dog in a positive frame of mind. We do not use any aversive training methods such as Shock Collars, Prong Collars, or Choke collars.

Check out our dog obedience training schedule and choose the time convenient for you!

What You and Your Dog Will Learn

For the dog to learn and easier to live within society (to walk calmly along the streets, to sit and stay when told to, so that it properly responds to all external stimuli, etc.), we offer the following package of cues that we will teach. Each behavior will be shown and then you will be practice it with your dog between sessions.

  • Sit
  • Laydown
  • Focus
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Go to Mat
  • Wait (prevents a dog from bursting out the door)
  • Extended Sit and Extended down
  • Leave an item alone when told to
  • Introduction Loose Leash Walking (requires front clip harness)

Georgia Basic Obedience Dog Training Schedule

  • The program lasts six weeks, with 45 minute sessions each week.
  • Each lesson will be followed up with an email reviewing what training was done and homework to practice between sessions
  • All in all, our dog obedience training schedule is established for your convenience and the best results.
If necessary, we will adjust the course to address specific concerns such as destructive behavior or jumping on people to help you have a well-behaved dog.

Cost of Dog Obedience Training

We provide affordable dog obedience training cost and care about every dog and its success:

  • for residents of Coweta and Fayette County the price is $695.00
  • Call for pricing outside of Coweta and Fayette counties.

Still have questions?  Give us a call 470-615-2215 or click the link below to schedule your training. 

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