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Just like you teach your child how to interact with the world around them, you need to teach your pet
to do the same. Basic Obedience Training by Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training will give you the
skills you need to not only teach your dog about the human world, but teach them what to do, so they
will be well-behaved and a pleasure to be around. We offer personalized dog training sessions in the comfort of your own home! Based in Peachtree City and Newnan, Georgia, we service the surrounding Fayette and Coweta county areas. To get
started, reach out for a free consultation today!

What We Do

In short, we help you train your dog to be obedient to your commands. (we call them cues). We do this
using only positive reinforcement at your home. The whole family can get involved, and we encourage
you to do so. All of our dog training sessions are personalized to you and your dog’s needs, so we can
help you teach your dog what you wish them to learn. Beyond the basic behaviors of sit, stay, and how
to walk on a leash, we can teach them how to behave when confronted with distractions.

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How Our Basic Obedience Dog Training Sessions Work

The dog trainer will teach you how to train your dog to listen by using treats at the same time as a verbal cue and hand signal. Slowly, the treats are separated from the process as the dog begins to
learn the behavior.

  • The trainer shows you how to train your dog
  • The trainer helps you as you take over training the dog
  • They give you the tools you need to keep practicing with your dog in between training session

Benefits of Basic Obedience Dog Training Sessions

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Having a Well-Behaved Pet

The biggest benefit of our Basic Obedience Dog Training classes is having a well-behaved pet. Let’s face it, it’s much easier to take your dog in public when they listen to you.

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Safer for Everyone

Plus, it’s safer. In today’s world, all it takes is for your dog to bite someone to cause major problems for you and your dog. Basic Obedience Dog Training will ensure you have the tools you need to keep your pet safe and help them interact with the world.

bond between dog and owner

A Stronger Bond

Your dog looks to you to supply their every need. When you spend time with your dog, walking, playing, or just sitting, they are more well-adjusted and closer to you.

Walks Are No Longer a Pull Session

Walking your dog not only keeps you and your dog healthy, but it’s a great bonding activity. Yet, you want your walks with your dog to be enjoyable, not a fight.

Vet Appointments Are Easy

It’s important to have a dog that is well-adjusted and used to being around strangers so they can receive excellent veterinary care. Taking the time to make sure your dog is comfortable and not fearful will help them be more relaxed at the vet when they are being poked and prodded.

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The dog trainers at Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training are certified through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and have years of experience in helping owners train their dogs. We only use positive dog training methods, as we believe kindness and praise is much more effective than fear tactics. We aim to help your dog where they need it the most, from solving behavior problems to teaching them basic behaviors. We listen to you and personalize every dog training service.

If you are located in in Fayette and Coweta County areas of Georgia and interested in our Basic Obedience Dog Training program or any of our other positive reinforcement dog training programs , contact us for a free consultation today!

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