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Dog Behavior Training serving Coweta,Fayette and surrounding counties

Dogs are euthanized more often due to behavior problems and not health problems. So why do dogs have behavior problems? Some of the causes of behavior problems stem from how the dog starts life as a puppy. Poorly socialized puppies grow up to have behavior problems as adult dogs.

Some dog behavior problems are not as severe as others, such as pulling on a leash or maybe barking too much. These we can help you correct in just a couple of sessions.

The more severe problems are Separation Anxiety, Dog to Dog Aggression, Fear of People, and Biting. Well, these can be life-threatening.

At Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training, we want to help you and your dog correct the behavior problems before it is too late. We provide Dog Behavior Training in Georgia using Positive Reinforcement methods. We will work on Counterconditioning and Desensitization to solve behavior problems and fix triggers.

In order to determine the correct behavior modification program, we start with an 1 hour initial consult.

Lesson content will be determined after our initial consult and will be determined by what behaviors need to be modified and the severity of the problem.


Initial consult - $175.00

Package Prices

3 hours   = $525.00
6 hours   = $945.00
10 hours = $1575.00

Above prices are for Coweta and Fayette County area

Please call for pricing outside of Coweta and Fayette Counties. 470-615-2215

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