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Behavior issues are common in dogs. Why? Well, a lot of behavior issues are just instinct for dogs. However, when they are living in a human world, some of these behaviors are unwanted and even can hurt others. Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training is a locally owned small business with locations in Peachtree City and Newnan, Georgia, offering in-house private dog behavior training for the surrounding Fayette and Coweta Country area. Unlike other more aversive training methods (like Balance Training) We ONLY use positive reinforcement dog training techniques; your pet will never be punished while working with us. We believe that the most effective and lasting training stems from positive reinforcement, ensuring both dog and owner are having a positive experience that will truly make a difference in your pets behavior. Our experienced and certified dog trainers can help fix any behavior issues your furry friend may have. Schedule a free consultation today!

How Our Behavior Dog Training Works

Our dog training begins with a one-hour initial consultation. This is so we can understand what behavior issues your dog is exhibiting. This will enable us to put together a customized plan tailored to your dog. We use proven dog training methods, such as counter-conditioning and desensitization to solve behavior problems. We work with you one-on-one with your dog, and we encourage every member of the family to do so as well. This ensures consistency in training and helps everyone to understand their dog’s behavior.

Common Dog Behavior Issues We Help With
  • Aggressive dogs
  • Biting
  • Leash pulling/leash training
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Fear of People and Other Dogs

Combining Fun With Learning

Your dogs are your “fur babies,” and like kids, they learn best while having fun. We offer creative dog training lessons that both work to correct the undesirable behavior and keep the lessons light. Your dog will enjoy the training and may even look forward to it. Ultimately, your dog wants to please you and spend time with you, and our in-home dog training lessons allow you to work with your dog as a team, learn, and enjoy each other. Our promise is to give you all the tools you’ll need to be successful, so your dog can lead a very happy life by your side. Get your free consultation today!

Benefits of Dog Behavior Training
  • To avoid annoyance and frustration with your dog
  • To ensure your dog’s safety and the safety of others
  • Saves you money if your dog exhibits destructive behaviors in and around your home
  • Builds a stronger bond between you and your dog
  • Allows you to take your dog out in public worry-free
  • Makes vet visits much easier
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation for your dog
  • Instills self-confidence in your dog

Why Choose Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training?

  • We come to you; all of our dog trainings are in your home
  • We train you as well as your dog
  • We encourage all family members to participate
  • We only use positive reward training methods
  • We offer customized dog training plans
  • We respect your time by being on-time
  • We care about the health and well-being of you, your family, and your dog
  • We answer all of your questions
  • We offer follow up consultations whenever you need them


Behavior dog training is something every dog owner should do. Not only are you responsible for your dog and their behavior, but it makes your dog’s life more enjoyable. They understand when you are angry at them and frustrated, and it makes them feel similarly. Instead, invest a few precious hours in consistent, positive reinforcement dog behavior training that will help both you and your pet lead very happy and fulfilling lives. After all, you bought your dog to be a member of the family to love and cherish forever. Your dog can still be a dog, but understand good behavior, too. We are a local small business with locations in Peachtree City and Newnan, Georgia. We pride ourselves on providing you the best dog training experience possible! Get a free consultation from Good Dog Happy Owner in Fayette and Coweta County, GA today!


Initial consult – $175.00

Package Prices

  • 3 hours   = $525.00
  • 6 hours   = $945.00
  • 10 hours = $1575.00

Above prices are for Coweta and Fayette County area

Please call for pricing outside of Coweta and Fayette Counties. 470-866-2408

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