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Pet Insurance

Pets have always been part of the modern familial hierarchy in America, with 67% of households owning at least one. This reflects a […]

Puppy Parent Patience

Patience is a virtue, or so they say. But when it comes to training a puppy, it is a necessity. I have […]

Debunking Dominance in Dog Training

The notion of dominance in dogs stems from a misunderstanding of wolf pack research that was then applied to pet dogs. Unfortunately, […]

Five Rules of Recall

The 5 rules of recall. 1. Never call your dog for anything unpleasant. Such as nail clipping, bathing, or having his leash […]

Stop Jumping

Why dogs jump. Dogs jump up to say hello, quite simply. They don’t know how humans prefer to be greeted, and it […]

Stop Dog Chewing

Why dogs chew. Biologists tell us chewing is all about toning jaw muscles. Dogs no longer need to split bones and grind […]


They may not need to lift weights but exercising your dog is important. Engaging in physical exercise triggers a chain of chemical […]

Are you a Good Leader for your Dog?

Like children, dogs need guidelines and boundaries. Good leadership will earn your dog’s respect and help him to feel secure. Here are […]

Dog Nutrition

Nutrition affects behavior in both dogs and people. Just as too much sugar can cause kids to become hyperactive, cranky, and out […]

Ten Secrets for Training Success!

How to get attentive, enthusiastic responses from your pup in training exercises and everyday life: 1) Build your relationship with your puppy […]

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