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Removing something from Puppy's mouth

Teaching your Puppy to Share

Teaching Your Puppy to Share and Prevent Resource Guarding What is resource guarding? Resource guarding is the technical term for a dog’s […]

How Dogs Learn

The Two Ways Dogs Learn Dogs learn by association (by emotional response). Human example: We humans learn by association, too. When you […]

How to Pick the Perfect Dog for You!!!

Looks aren’t everything. More often than not, we choose which dog to get based on appearance—whichever breed or size or color appeals […]

Dog Counter Surfing

Preventing your Dog from Counter Surfing

Does your dog like to jump on your counter and steal food or love tipping over the trash can? Most dogs do. […]

Playing with your Dog

  Play Training!   Play is the key to good manners and a strong bond: In addition to the obvious benefits of […]

Leash Walking

Teaching “Let’s Go” with Loose Leash Walking

Teach “Let’s Go” during your walks is a way to get you dog to start walking again after they have been investigating […]

Pet Insurance

Pets have always been part of the modern familial hierarchy in America, with 67% of households owning at least one. This reflects a […]

Puppy Parent Patience

Patience is a virtue, or so they say. But when it comes to training a puppy, it is a necessity. I have […]

Debunking Dominance in Dog Training

The notion of dominance in dogs stems from a misunderstanding of wolf pack research that was then applied to pet dogs. Unfortunately, […]

Five Rules of Recall

The 5 rules of recall. 1. Never call your dog for anything unpleasant. Such as nail clipping, bathing, or having his leash […]

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