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Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. After all, they look to you for their every need. And when you disappear, they can become anxious, not knowing when you will come back and they themselves not knowing exactly what to do.

Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training offers dog separation anxiety training online via Zoom allowing us to not only serve our surrounding community in Georgia, but also serve residents of the entire United States and Canada. With our many years of experience, we can help cure your dog’s separation anxiety. Let our Certified Separation Anxiety Pros help you and your pup. Schedule a free consultation today!

Some dogs with separation anxiety display only one of various possible behaviors, other display more. Below are some more obvious signs

Excessive barking, whining, crying, and howling

Chewing or destroying floors, walls, and doors, particularly around entrances

Frantic attempts to escape, sometimes to the point of self-harm.

Soiling (especially when your dog is otherwise house trained)

Getting anxious well before you leave

Why You Need a Dog Separation Anxiety Specialist

Dogs can suffer anything from mild anxiety to outright panic when separated from their owner. But there’s hope, and with a trained specialist in dog separation anxiety, you can rest assured your dog will overcome their fears. Our Certified Separation Anxiety dog trainers begin with an initial assessment of your dog’s separation anxiety issues. We begin by understanding what your dog does when you leave the house. Then we offer a custom-tailored plan specific to your dog and their unique response to when you are gone. This will be done via remote training. Let our team help you cure your dog’s separation anxiety. Schedule a free phone consultation today! 

Methods We Use to Cure Dog Separation Anxiety

As with all of our dog training methods, we believe in using gentle, positive, and rewarding dog training techniques in order to obtain the behavior we desire. We will gradually desensitize your dog to longer and longer times away from you. We progress from there to pre-departure cues. Remember, this type of dog training can take time. It’s a slow process technique that may even require steps backward before we can take leaps forward.

Our Dog Separation Anxiety training is done virtually, online via Zoom

Dog separation anxiety training works extremely well in remote settings and is most effective when done in your home since that is where your dog is most often separated from you. Our Certified Separation anxiety experts walk you through every step of our dog separation anxiety course, ensuring you have all of the tools you need to be successful.

We understand that no one wants to come home to items torn up in their home, broken windows, or complaints from your neighbors of your dog barking all day long.  It is our mission to make your dog less anxious, feel more comfortable and at ease when separated from you, and overall improve the relationship between you and your loving pet. Schedule a free consultation with us today!

Our Virtual Dog Separation Anxiety Training Offers:

  • Text, video, phone and email support
  • Train on your schedule
  • Expert guidance
  • Proven techniques
  • Unbeatable results


Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training is based in Newnan, Georgia. Our team of expert and certified dog trainers have spent years understanding dog behavior and working with dogs and their owners on a personal level to help both live their best lives ever. We follow the LIMA method of dog training, which is Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive training. Dogs respond better and faster to positive reinforcement dog training techniques, which is the only method we use. We offer dog training in your home and virtual dog training, as we believe this is the most effective for your dog. We offer free consultations and would be more than happy to discuss the details with you. Schedule your consultation today!

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Below is the pricing for our two different packages

8 Week Concentrated Program 

  • Initial Assessment (1.0 hour)
  • 40 Customized training plans (5 per week x 8 weeks)
  • 8 weekly private Zoom sessions (max 30 minutes)
  • Email and messaging support

4 Week Kick Start Program

  • Initial Assessment (1.0 hour)
  • 20 Customized training plans (5 per week x 8 weeks
  • 4 weekly private Zoom sessions (max 30 minutes)
  • Email and messaging support

Book a Free 15-minute consultation Now and let us help you get your life back. You will love it and so will your dog.

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