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Items to Have for Your New Puppy

So, you are getting a new puppy. Well, of course, you cannot have a puppy shower like you would for a new baby or wedding. You have to buy all the supplies to make sure you are prepared to raise it properly. Listed below are some suggestions on how to prepare for your new arrival.

Safe Chew Toys – Safe chew toys are made of hard rubber. They do not come apart. I recommend Kong products. Kong has several products that can be stuffed with treats and used to feed your dog.

Food Puzzle Toys – These toys stimulate the dog’s mind and slow down a fast-eating puppy. They also are great for making your dog work for their food.

Play toys – These can be Nyla bone and Kong products. They are indestructible, and the dog can carry them. Kong also sells a frisbee that is extraordinarily strong, and the puppy will have a hard time tearing it up, unlike a plastic one. Tug toys are also great, but your pup should not be left alone to chew them because they could swallow the fibers and possibly require veterinarian intervention.

Toy Box or basket – It is just a good thing to have to keep all the toys in one place. You can keep it in an area that the dog does not have access and you can choose what toy your pup gets to play with, offering them a variety.

Wire crate with divider – This is great for helping with potty training. You can get one big enough for when they are fully grown, and the division allows for adjusting the amount of space he has in the crate. A puppy or dog will not pee or poop where they sleep, and the divider helps create the right amount of area. Crates are also a great place for your pup to learn to go when they want to be by themselves. I feed my dog in his crate, which associates good things with his crate.

Odor neutralizer Cleaner – Regular cleaners do not neutralize dog waste. You need an enzyme cleaner. I use Nature’s Miracle No More Marking. Every time your pup has an accident, use this to clean it up.

Paper Towel – I do not think this needs any explanation.

Training Treats – These help use Positive Reinforcement training. They should be small, soft bite-size treats. Although I recommend using their dog food, some dogs are not motivated enough by their kibble, and you need something more enticing. I also use hot dogs, cheese, or cooked chicken.

Puppy Food – Puppy food is designed specifically for a growing puppy. Please do not feed them adult dog food until they are a year old. The bag that the food comes in should have a guide to determine the proper amount of food for the pup’s age. If you find your dog doing an excessive amount of chewing, you may need to increase their amount.

Food and Water bowl – I like metal bowls. With that said, I also recommend you start by feeding your pup from a Kong until trained. (see above)

Collar – You will need one of these to attach the pup’s identification. The collar is for their identification. Think of the collar like you would a wallet or purse and only for identifying the dog. They are not for attaching a leash.

Harness – A front-clip harness. A front-clip harness allows for you to have more control over the pup and reduces pulling. I recommend the Petsafe 3 in 1 harness.

ID Tag – Puppies are fast and can get lost. Having identification such as a name tag with your phone number will help anyone who finds them and contact you if they have identification. I recommend taking the collar with ID tag off when you put the pup in their crate or playing with other dogs. When old enough, I highly recommend getting your dog chipped.

Leash – A 6’ two-handle leash. The two handles allow for better control when working on getting the pup to stay by your side. Unless you have a small dog such as a Yorkshire Terrier or Toy Poodle, I do not recommend a retractable leash. They fail and break.

Poop pick-up bags. – Be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your dog. You can purchase a poop bag holder that you can attach to the leash.

Brush – Some dogs shed, and the brush will help remove some of the excess fur. If your dog does not shed, such as a poodle, a brush will help to keep their coat free of tangles and all the things they pick up in their travels.

Nail clippers or Grinder. If you want to trim your own dog’s nails, these are tools you may want to get. I find the Grinder is a safer, easier way than clippers.

Short 5’ Tether – A tether is a great way to confine your puppy to a particular area. It helps avoid having the puppy get into something or chew something they should not, such as furniture, legs, or personal belongings. It will also help with the potty training. You can attach it to a baseboard or wrap it around a table leg. A tether is even a great way to secure your pup when they are biting too much. It works better than always putting them in their crate.

Bed or soft pillow – This an excellent place for them to rest when not in their crate. You can also train them to lay on their bed when you want to get them out of the way.

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