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NIck Garrison - Head Dog Trainer

My name is Nick Garrison. I have worked with fearful dogs, neglected dogs, pure bred dogs and just your average mutt. i especially like working with puppies and adolescent dogs. I have helped train pups to be service dogs and have fostered dogs.

I am a graduate of Davenport University and CATCH Canine Trainers Academy: a state-licensed, 10-phase course in dog behavior and training which includes hands-on training,behavior fieldworkk, mentor trainer evaluations and written exams. I spent 30 years in the corporate world training and as a parent and grandparent know how to work with children of all ages. 

I am proficient in

Safe and effective handling of dogs for shelters, day cares and training situations

Dog developmental stages from puppyhood to adulthood

Basic health routines and disease prevention

Behavior evaluation/temperment testing

Pros and cons of equipment and training tools

Learning theory, classical and operant conditioning

Behavior problem solving

Speaking and leadership skills with clients in multiple settings

Creating effective training plans 

Call me Today to learn how I can help your dog 470-615-2215

"We had a great experience with Nick and getting out puppy headed in the right direction. He is patient, knowledgeable and really understands how to get results."

Jonathan S.