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Puppies Need to Earn their Freedom

I have been working with several new clients who are asking me “how I stop my puppy from peeing and pooping in the house.”

To start with, until they are potty trained, you should never let a puppy out of your sight.


So how do you do that? The first thing is to train them to like a kennel and enjoy being in it until you are confident, they will not soil the house. I like to feed my puppies in the kennel. I use a Kong stuffed with their dog food and sealed with canned dog food and then frozen.


Will they whine in the kennel? You bet! But over a couple of days, the puppy should begin to feel more comfortable. I have two puppies I am working with now; they are fed five times a day with a Kong and a hollow bone filled with their dog food (kibble) and sealed with canned dog food. You could also use Peanut Butter to seal the end, but that has a lot of fat in it, so I do not do this unless I have run out of canned dog food.


I also use another method, and that is to screw an eye hook into your baseboard and attach a leash to it with a bed for them to lay on. You can do it in different rooms in your house, such as your home office. It will also help them learn to lay on a mat and settle down. They will also be comfortable being with you.


With smaller dogs, you can get an exercise pen with their kennel at one end and a pee pad at the other. Dogs do not like to soil in the area that they sleep.


To help with potty training, take your pup outside about every hour to start with, and when they go potty, praise them and give them a piece of their kibble. As the puppy gets older, you can increase the length of time before taking the pup outside. A rule of thumb is a puppy can hold its bladder an hour plus one for each month of age. For example: If your puppy is two months old, they can hold their bladder for up to 3 hours.


Your puppy is also going to need to go outside sooner after play. Puppies tend to get excited and squat and pee without thinking.


So, the answer to “how I stop my puppy from peeing and pooping in the house?” Never let your puppy wander around the house without your constant supervision for their safety and your sanity.

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