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Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time. After all, you are getting a new member of the family
who will be loved and cherished and who will offer you their entire heart and soul. Yet, owning a
puppy is a lot of work, and one of the first things you need to do when getting a new puppy is invest in
puppy training.

Here at Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training, we come to you! We offer we offer positive reinforcement Puppy Training tailored to your needs, in the comfort of your own home! We are based in Peachtree City and Newnan Georgia, servicing the surrounding Fayette and Coweta counties. We evaluate each puppy and help you with basic obedience, commands, behavior,
walking on a leash, and so much more. Call for a free consultation today!


What to Expect With Our Puppy Training Program

Puppy Training can start as early as 8 weeks of age and go until 5 months old. The sooner you
start, the easier it is to instill good behavior from the beginning. We can help with potty training and
socialization, which is crucial to your pup’s development. From here, we teach basic behaviors.

Why Choose Good Dog Happy Owner Puppy Training

All of our Puppy Training programs are specific to your pup’s needs. For example, if your puppy isn’t
quite mature enough yet to learn certain behaviors, we focus on potty training, knowing their name,
and socializing. Once the puppy has matured enough, we then begin to work on behaviors like sit, lay
down, crate training, etc.

We Use Only Positive Reinforcement

Our Puppy Training Program is for the owner as much as for the puppy. You will be the one guiding
their behavior and teaching them about life with humans. Our certified dog trainers will show you how
to teach your puppy a behavior or skill using treats. You are the puppy’s trainer; we are simply the
helping hand. Soon, you will take over puppy training completely, so that your puppy listens to you. At
the end of Puppy Training, you’ll have all the tools you will need to continue training in between
sessions. But don’t worry we are always available for support during and after you complete the


Benefits of Puppy Training

  • Teaches them how to behave in a world with humans. It’s crucial you teach your puppy
    manners. You not only want to take your puppy with you out and about, but you want to keep
    your family and others safe from a dog biting or jumping up and scratching them.
  • Brings you closer to your puppy. Your puppy wants nothing more than to spend each and
    every moment by your side. When you spend time with your puppy, your bond will grow, as
    will you both.
  • Provides them with exercise and stimulation. Puppies become destructive when they are
    bored, which is why you may come home to chewed shoes. Training provides your puppy with
    both exercise and stimulation, keeping them happy and healthy.

Responsibilities of a Pet Owner

As a pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s entire health and well-being. From ensuring their
physical and mental health to ensuring their safety and their adaptation to human society, owning a
puppy is a commitment to take seriously. Luckily, Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training is here to help. We offer the
best dog training programs, including Puppy Training, so you and your pup can live happy, healthy
lives together.



If you are in the Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding Fayette and Coweta Counties, we’d love to help you make your puppy part of your life. Our personalized Puppy Training caters to your needs at your home. Our support does not end with the last class. We are here for you no matter what issues you are facing. Schedule a free consultation today!

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