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Puppy Training

Puppy Training serving Coweta, Fayette and surrounding counties.

"Pups are mostly a mouth with feet for the purpose of moving the mouth around"

So you got a new puppy. Congratulations and condolences. Just kidding about the condolences. Puppies are much work. But many people new to dog ownership or who have not had a puppy in a while do not realize it. Like infants, puppies need to be watched whenever they are not sleeping or confined in a crate. (See picture above. That was a full roll of paper towel)

Our puppy training program will help you with an essential and responsible process of your pet’s socialization and upbringing.

Problems that May Arise

Puppies are also very social. They want to be with us all the time, and when we put them in a crate or enclose them in a room, they do not like it. They show this by whining and barking. But in many cases, by confining and crating them, we help avoid behavior problems such as Separation Anxiety and teach them it is okay to be by themselves.

Why Puppy Training Is Important

Did you know that more dogs are euthanized because of behavior problems than illness? Every dog owner must understand that he is fully responsible for life, as well as for the physical and mental health of his pet. Our puppy training classes will make your pet controllable, which is necessary for the safety of both the owner and other members of the society in which it lives.

Puppy Training in Georgia Programs

At Good Dog Happy Owner, we want to help you ensure that you have a happy, healthy, and long relationship with your new pet. Our Positive Reinforcement puppy training program helps your pup get off on the right paw.

Behaviors Your Dog Will Learn:

  • Name Game
  • CrateTraining
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Proper Feeding
  • Puppy Handling

We will also address:

  • Chewing and biting
  • Puppy Management
  • Puppy exercise
  • Free Time
  • Importance of Puppy Socialization
  • Safe Chew toys
  • Resource Guarding

Puppy Training in Georgia Program Schedule

The program lasts for four weeks (once a week) and is held in your home, where you and the puppy is most relaxed. After each session that lasts 45 minutes, we will provide you with a wrap-up email reviewing what was taught and what behaviors to practice during the week. We’ll also ask you to spend approximately 15 minutes per day working on the behaviors taught with your puppy. 

Approaches We Use

The objective of a program is to teach you how to train the puppy properly. Every private puppy training is provided by a Certified Dog Trainer using only Science-based reward training. We do not believe in punishment training such as Choke, Prong collars, or E-Collars.

Puppy Training in Georgia Cost

  • For residents of Coweta and Fayette County the price for Puppy Training is $640.00.

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