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Leash Walking

Teaching “Let’s Go” with Loose Leash Walking

Leash Walking

Teach “Let’s Go” during your walks is a way to get you dog to start walking again after they have been investigating a distraction. To start practice initially at times when your dog is not greatly distracted.

Step 1. Cheerfully tell your dog, “Let’s go!” If she turns toward you, praise her and move in the direction you want to go. Treat her when she catches up. If she doesn’t turn toward you, dangle a food treat in front of her nose and lure her in the direction you want to go, treating her once she has followed you a few steps.

Step 2. Repeat the above exercise many times until your dog responds quickly every time. Then begin to practice at times when she is investigating mildly interesting stuff like a smell on the grass, a discarded water bottle, or a noise across the street.

Step 3. When your dog responds despite mild distractions, begin to work on harder ones, such as other dogs, anything edible, or a treed squirrel.

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