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The Secrets to Raising a Happy Dog

How To Make Your Bestfriend Happy!


Dogs are a true gift. They offer companionship, unconditional love, and loyalty.


But they’re also a lot of work.


Grooming, training, walks – all that time spent with your best friend can be exhausting!


If you’ve been a dog owner for any length of time, you know that, and you know it’s not always easy.


Sometimes dogs can be moody and sometimes downright grumpy.


But the good thing is that with a bit of patience and training, your pup can become obedient and happy.


In this blog post, we’ll share our best tips regarding how you can raise a happy dog, so whether you are a new dog owner or your long-time best friend is grumpy, read on!

#1 Include Indoor Games!

If you live in an apartment, you may have developed a habit of only playing with your doggo in the park.

But, what about the time spent indoors?

Dogs can get depressed indoors, especially if no one is playing with them!

No one expects you to jog with your dog indoors or jump until indefinitely.

But, you can play hide and seek indoors to keep your dog entertained and boost its playfulness!

The game is simple, have your dog sit and wait until you get a place to hide.

Then call out the dog and see if he can find out!

#2 Leverage Cuddling Power!

Don’t neglect your best friend. Every couple of days, take half an hour (or more) to cuddle on the couch with your furry friend.

Your dog can cuddle with you while you watch your favorite TV show or just before you go to sleep.

Dogs are humble creatures, and they will enjoy the cuddle session every time.

Cuddling time is relaxing for you and your dog, and it will help build a stronger bone.

Additionally, regular cuddling sessions will make your dog feel loved!

#3 Avoid Walks Too Strict!

Some homeowners are strict, and they don’t allow their dogs to sniff things when they are out.

It is understandable. They are worried that the dog may come across something harmful and get injured.

But, sniffing is one of the most prominent dog instincts. It allows them to explore everything!

So, you can allow your dog to smell things when you are walking in the familiar block, and the risk is minimal.

#4 Dogs Need Socializing!

Most dog breeds love company. Loneliness can be one of the reasons your dog is grumpy and feeling blue.

If any of your friends own a dog, arrange a playdate!

Or, ask acquaintances from the park or neighborhood when they usually take their dogs for a walk.

Go out at the same time and let your dog socialize with his kind, and granted, it’ll be much happier!

#5 Change the Vet if Necessary

Vet visits are stressful for dogs, but after a while, your dog should tolerate them at least.

If the dog remains very upset after every vet visit, you may want to consider finding a new one to reduce the stress.

It is similar to people. Sometimes you need to click with your doctor to get the maximum effect of the treatment!

Sometimes, dogs may react negatively to vets for no reason, so trying a new vet might help the dog feel more comfortable.

#6 Try a Toy Rotation

Dogs, like babies, can get bored with their toys, especially if they have a lot of toys!

Instead of buying new toys, you can set several toys aside and let the dog keep a maximum of two toys for a month or two.

Then, bring the old toys again and watch the dog get excited about his old-new favorites!

Not only will the dog enjoy the change, but he will also be happy he finally found his old playthings!

#7 Teach Your Dog Tricks

Dogs like tricks, and they enjoy the process of learning them! You can find inspiration for tricks online but start with some simple ones.

While you and your dog practice tricks, you’ll spend time together, play and the dog will be happy feeling he has a purpose!

#8 Include Mental Stimulation

Get a treat-dispenser for your dog to help him stay mentally sharp and occupied! It will also wake up the food instincts of your dog and make him feel happy when he finally gets to collect the food from the dispenser!

Final Thoughts

If you want to raise a happy dog, make sure they have plenty of exercise and time spent with their human family.

Not only will this help your pup be happier, but it also makes them healthier, which means fewer vet visits.

Once you’ve established these habits for both indoor and outdoor playtime, your furry friend’s happiness levels should noticeably increase over time, so everyone wins!

Which one do you plan to try first? Comment below!




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