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Why are you getting a dog?

So, you have decided you want to get a dog. The first question I am going to ask is why.

Is it because you are homebound and cannot get out because of COVID-19?

Is it because your elderly father just lost his spouse and you want to get him a dog because he is depressed, and you think he needs the company? (Not a good idea)

Is it because your children have been begging you for a dog and the pressure is

getting unbearable. Of course, the children will tell you “we will take care of it” RIGHT!!! 

Or is it you watched a movie with a dog that is cute and behaves well. (remember it is a movie).

And one I just came across today. A gentleman says his wife wants a guard dog and the dog would live outside. (Another poor idea). Dogs are social animals they want to be with their pack. You!!

For whatever reason you want to get a dog, make sure you think it through. Dogs are a lot of work and puppies even more work. Puppies are like having an infant around except that they chew, cry and bark and go potty in the house. In fact, for the first year a puppy can be more work than an infant.  Dogs are living breathing creatures and will be part of your family for possibly 15 years. 

And then there is the cost. According to an article in Money magazine a small dog can cost $15,051 over their life. A medium size dog $15,782 and a large dog $14,480. You sure you want a dog. Better get out your checkbook if you really want that dog. Or of course now there is pet insurance available, which may be a way of economically of spreading out the cost of vet visits.

Still want that dog. Okay!! So, let us look at what kind of dog do you want? What breed? What do you want to do with the dog? Are you an active person? if not, do not get a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd. Do you live in an apartment? Then you probably want to stay away from dogs that bark a lot like a beagle or a Yorkie or dogs that need a lot of exercise like a Labrador or a sporting breed. Do you want a poodle? Better be prepared for taking the time to keep it groomed or be willing to pay for a groomer. Do you want a rescue dog or a purebred from a breeder?

And this is just the tip of the food bowl. Get it? Like the tip of the iceberg. Enough food for thought right now. Please watch for additional blog posts on this subject

In the meantime, to help you with choosing the right breed, click on the button above “Dog Breeds”

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