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Positive Reinforcement Methods Only

Private Dog Training Services

Everyone Deserves Our Best Services Because Every Pet Is Special

In-Home Puppy Training

Learn how to socialize your puppy and teach them basic obedience.

In-Home Obedience Training

For dogs 5 months and older learn basic obedience one on one setting.

Separation Anxiety

Helping dogs through the fear of separation from their owner

Behavior Issues

Improve the quality of you and your dog's life by addressing behavior concerns

About Us

Dog Training should be fun

Nick Garrison is the head dog trainer at Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training. He has worked with all types of dogs, from fearful ones to neglected ones to purebreds, and specializes in puppies and adolescent dogs. Nick is a graduate of Davenport University and CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and has been working with dogs for over 30 years.

At Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training, our mission is to provide positive reinforcement dog training methods that are fun for both dogs and their owners. We believe in making learning enjoyable so that everyone can have a happy, well-trained dog. Our in-home dog training services include:

  • Customized training plans
  • Free phone consult between sessions
  • Force Free Training
  • Weekly homework helps to learn
  • Fun and stress-free environment
  • In-home private one-on-one training
  • Lifetime support via phone, text and email

Best Dog Training

At Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training, we believe that positive reinforcement dog training is the most effective and humane method. We use positive reinforcement methods because they are proven to be successful. Contact me today to help you and your dog.

Ready to talk? Schedule a time to tell me more about you and your dog.

Why Choose Us

Why Georgia Dog Owners Choose Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training

We teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog in a positive fun way so you can have the dog you always wanted. All of our programs are affordable and can be customized to fit your needs as a pet owner.

  • Prompt and Professional: We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer prompt and professional service to all of our clients and act in a professional manner.
  • Sound Effective Training Process: Our positive reinforcement methods have been proven to be effective in teaching dogs of all ages. Also, they show you how to continue your training on your own.
  • Knowledgeable Professional Trainers: Our trainers have years of experience and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. They will answer any questions you may have along the way.


Are you still unsure of our private dog training? No worries, check out what our clients have to say and their experiences with our training.

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Best Dog Training

Thank you for choosing Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training! We are dedicated to providing positive reinforcement dog training methods for puppies and adult dogs. Our number one priority is making sure that both you and your furry friend have a fun and stress-free experience. We serve the surrounding Fayette/Coweta County area with private in-home training. Contact us today to get started on private training for your dog!

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